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Posible ocultación na madrugada do día 13 de xuño (noite do 12).

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David Dunham (IOTA) informa da posible ocultación dunha estrela de magnitude 15,9 que se producirá na noite do día 12 de xuño (esta noite) polo obxeto 2003FF129, que é un plutino, un obxeto en órbita resonante con Neptuno, ó igual que Plutón.
A posible ocultación podería ser visible dende Canarias ou, menos probable, dende a Península Ibérica. Poño aquí o correo electrónico de D. Dunham con máis información:

"At 2:23 UT +/-2 min. June 13, there will be an occultation of a 15.9-mag. star in Libra, 4UC 352-076213, by the approximately 150-km Plutino object (469506) 2003 FF128. Like Pluto, these objects have a 3:2 resonant orbit with Neptune; other than Pluto-Charon, very little is known about them, so observations of this faint occultation with large telescopes are sought. Normally, these events can be predicted to an accuracy of only about an Earth radius, but we can do better with this event, since another occultation by the same object was observed from two stations in Australia on May 24th. That gave us a correction to the object’s orbit that can be applied to this event, subject mainly to the difference in errors in the proper motions of the target stars. So although at 2:28 UT the predicted path crosses S. Carolina and Georgia (where, unfortunately, cloudy skies are forecast), the actual occultation could occur anywhere in the eastern USA (if you’re there, please try it), including in the Washington, DC region, where clear skies are forecast. The occultation will also occur in N.W. Arica about 5 min. earlier, with an occultation possible in the Canary Is. and Morocco, and less likely, in Iberia. For details, see (Steve Preston hasn’t posted his usual finder charts there; Brad Timerson and I’ll try to post some in the box for the event, 3rd from the top in the middle, that now has a station list and pre-point stars list, at ). The target star is at J2000 RA 16h 01m 22.6s, Dec -19 deg. 40’ 24”. A central occultation is expected to last 7 seconds, but there could be rings or satellites a minute or so before or after."

Tedes máis información nesta ligazón:

Sinto poñelo con tan pouco tempo pero o correo chegou agora de madrugada.